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Did you know that our primary business is auto body repair?

 For any vehicle Corvettes West is Florida's #1 Collision shop. Our specialty is heavy collision (the cars that can't be driven here), so the little stuff will be a breeze. We have worked with every local and national car insurance company, and we can assure you that Corvettes West will provide you with the best quality repair that you are entitled to. Using only GLASURIT refinishing materials, we can produce the finest quality finishes on your car. Don't worry about the color match...we have all the skills and resources to guarantee you that your car will look factory new again.

At Corvettes West we will:

  • Contact your insurance company (if you would like us to), and handle the claim reporting. You will have to initially contact them and give them the facts about how the accident ocurred. After that we will do the rest.
  • Arrange for car rental at (2) very conveniently located rental companies.
  • Negotiate the repair process of your car to assure you of the best and safest way to put your car back to "pre-loss condition". Insurance companies operate on the principal of indemnity or "not one penny better, or worse, than prior to the accident"
  • Help you get the parts on your car that you deserve. Your car wasn't built with non-OEM parts, and it shouldn't be repaired with them either.

Our mechanical services include:

  • service to Corvettes..... But there are some things that we can not perform in house.

Corvettes West also provides the following mechanical services on all other types of vehicles

  • oil changes
  • tuneups
  • brakes
  • custom color painted calipers
  • standard and performance exhaust
  • tires
  • transmission replacement and/or rebuild